Aircraft Completions

Aviation CAMO provides industry-leading Completion Design & Management consultative services. Whether this is for a new aircraft - or an “in-service” aircraft under refurbishment - our dedicated completion experts can manage your project from initial concept through to final delivery.

Aviation CAMO has assembled a worldwide team of aviation professionals with years of experience in all facets of aerospace, from interior completions, aircraft maintenance to flight operations. Our attention to detail has always resulted in the highest quality product. We offer an experienced completion management team, with extensive technical background and experience. We can save you time and prevent costly completion errors while ensuring an industry-leading standard of professionalism. The Aviation CAMO team understands the importance of delivering a quality aircraft on time and with the performance, comfort, and customized detail deserving of a multi-million dollar investment.

It has been proven that the use of a completely independent consulting firm, such as Aviation CAMO, to professionally manage the design and aircraft completion process is fundamental to a successful outcome and in the long term a sound financial decision.

Aviation CAMO will always represent your highest standards and attention to detail.

By partnering with the customer throughout the entire completions process, Aviation CAMO will fulfil its promise to provide the highest standard in aircraft design and style, completion quality, and delivery date. From the initial customer brief through to final acceptance & delivery, Aviation CAMO will act in the best commercial interests of the Aircraft Owner.

The Completion Process

At the commencement of any completion or refurbishment project, Aviation CAMO will follow its highly-developed process all the way through from the Critical Design Review (CDR) to final delivery or Turn-to-Customer (TTC).

When purchasing a new aircraft, or working through the designs for an interior refurbishment, the initial up-front development of the completion specification, layout package and design interface is one of the most critical elements in planning the entire completion process.

We work with the owner, or their representatives, to ensure their expectations are clearly understood and documented into the scope of work. These documents define the interior and exterior parameters to be followed by the Completion Center when designing, and building the interior, which is a very detailed process.

From this point forward we manage the entire completion process until the aircraft is delivered to the Customer. Our Completion Project Management services include:

We appreciate that no two aircraft are the same. Aviation CAMO's experienced completion team will manage the tailored specification and options contract all the way from interior design consulting and green aircraft inspection through to final acceptance, ensuring that the delivery of your aircraft is a flawless experience.

To discuss your new aircraft delivery – or aircraft refurbishment - contact our Completion Management team at Aviation CAMO Pte Ltd.