Aircraft Acquisitions & EIS

Locating and evaluating a new aircraft addition to your fleet can be a task that is not only arduous but also burdened with the complexities of type suitability and airworthiness. Are you purchasing the best aircraft at the best possible price? Is your aircraft airworthy and regulatory sound? Are there potential problems with your pending asset?

In addition to our comprehensive Aircraft Completion Management capability, Aviation CAMO has the requisite experience and technical knowledge to assist with your purchase of a pre-owned aircraft.

Aviation CAMO can provide experienced & dedicated assistance with all facets of the aircraft purchase, including:

  • Providing critical advice on aircraft type selection based on your operational profile
  • Locating viable purchase candidates (worldwide) of the aircraft type selected
  • Complete an initial aircraft survey to determine suitability and current airworthiness
  • Determine a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) workscope
  • Evaluate and determine a suitable MRO for the Inspection
  • Provide rigorous oversight to the PPI process and evaluate all airworthiness defects and maintenance / condition issues
  • Assign our highly experienced CAMO Technical Coordinators to complete a full Aircraft Records Survey (ARS)
  • Liaison with the current owner, or their representative, to review and negotiate a SPA contract
  • Provide maintenance support for your delivery and Entry-into-Service.

Whether it be managing the full aircraft selection, purchase and Entry-into-Service (EIS), Aviation CAMO can be your technical partner.